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The Purple Bundle

The Purple Bundle

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Whether you're a makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, the Purple Bundle is a must-have for achieving a flawless makeup look every time. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Great value
  • Ships from VIC


This 12-piece set includes brushes for blending, shading, and adding details—all the bells and whistles you need to achieve a glam look! Bigger brushes for blurring and blending and small ones for perfecting, this set's got your eyes covered.

Our Beauty Sponge is latex free and extra soft. The flat side of this sponge is perfect for getting underneath the eyes to blend out your concealer, and the rounded side is ideal for blending your foundation or any liquid or cream face product flawlessly.


E19 - Blending Brush: This is a medium sized blending brush, rounded and fluffy designed to effortlessly blend and diffuse eyeshadows.

E20 - Precise Flat Brush: This is a small flat yet fluffy brush. Perfect for packing eyeshadow or applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline.

E21 - Luxe Blending Brush: This is an XL blending brush, rounded and fluffy. Perfect to quickly create one eyeshadow looks or to diffuse base colours.

E22 - Detailed Blending Brush: Small blending brush, designed for intricate work, this brush is your secret weapon for detailed blending.

E23 - Fluffy Shader Brush: This is a medium size shader brush, its size makes it a great multipurpose brush to apply and softly blend at the same time.

E24 - Angled Blending Brush: Achieve depth and definition with this angled blending brush, perfect for contouring and blending eyeshadows in the crease.

E25 - Precise Shader Brush: This brush is tailored for precision, allowing you to create detailed looks.

E26 - Mini Blending Brush: Compact yet powerful, this mini blending brush is perfect for precise blending in smaller areas.

E27 - Mini Shader Brush: This is your typical shader brush but mini. Ideal for detailed looks.

E28 - Precise Angled Brush: Angled and slim, perfect for sharp eyeliner looks or filling in eyebrows.

E29 - Precise Definer Brush: Flat brush, perfect for adding definition to the lash line or even cleaning up your eyeliner.

E30 - Precise Liner Brush: Create sharp and defined lines with this precise liner brush.

Beauty Sponge: Wet your beauty sponge for every use. It will double in size. Make sure to squeeze out the excess water.

Use the pointed and flat side to apply concealer or foundation to the harder to reach areas and the rounded side for the rest of the face.

Gently bounce the sponge and don't drag it to achieve a flawless finish.


This bundles includes:

- Our That's How Eye Roll Makeup Brush Set which includes 12 eye brushes:
E19 - Blending Brush
E20 - Precise Flat Brush
E21 - Luxe Blending Brush
E22 - Detailed Blending Brush
E23 - Fluffy Shader Brush
E24 - Angled Blending Brush
E25 - Precise Shader Brush
E26 - Mini Blending Brush
E27 - Mini Shader Brush
E28 - Precise Angled Brush
E29 - Precise Definer Brush
E30 - Precise Liner Brush

- One pair of our top rated Purple Beauty Sponge.

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brush cleaner and double cleaning mat

Don't forget

Quick PSA: Your makeup brushes are real magnets for makeup, dust, and those uninvited bacteria! Regular cleaning not only keeps them fresh but also ensures your makeup game stays on point.

The Squeaky Clean bundle includes everything you need to keep your brushes in top shape.

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