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Double Cleaning Brush Mat

Double Cleaning Brush Mat

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Washing brushes is no fun, but we can at least make it look cute. 


  • Cruelty Free
  • Multipurpose Tool
  • Ships from VIC


So, here is our Double Cleaning Mat, the perfect tool to keep your brush in its best shape.

The silicone side has 7 different textures to help you give all of your brushes, big and small, the deep clean they need after that fun look full of glitter.

Turn it over, and you have a black sponge for a quick clean between colours so you can keep creating and blending any gorgeous looks your heart desires.


How often you need to wash your brushes?

- If you wear makeup 5 or more times per week, we recommend deep cleaning your brushes once a week.

- If you wear makeup 3-4 or more times per week, we recommend deep cleaning your brushes once every 2 weeks.

- If you don't wear makeup too often, still wash them at least once a month.

Only available for orders in Australia.


This includes one Double Cleaning Mat.

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Don't forget

Our Double Cleaning Mat has a silicone side perfect for deep cleaning your brushes and a sponge side for a quick clean between eyeshadow looks.

If you are a fan of playing with eyeshadows our That's How Eye Roll Brush Set might be the set for you. It includes 12 different eye brushes with all the shapes and sizes you need for any eye look.

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