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Squeaky Clean Bundle

Squeaky Clean Bundle

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Your brushes work hard for you, always blending till perfection, so they deserve a spa day every so often, and you get everything you need to accomplish that in this bundle.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Ships from VIC


Our Brush Cleaner is perfect for making your brushes and beauty sponge spotless. It gently cleanses away makeup from the bristles while conditioning and keeping the brush fibres soft.

Our Double Cleaning Mat has a silicone side with 7 different textures to help you give all of your brushes, big and small, the deep clean they need after that fun look full of glitter.

Turn it over, and you have a black sponge for a quick clean between colours so you can keep creating and blending any gorgeous looks your heart desires.


How often you need to wash your brushes?

- If you wear makeup 5 or more times per week, we recommend deep cleaning your brushes once a week.

- If you wear makeup 3-4 or more times per week, we recommend deep cleaning your brushes once every 2 weeks.

- If you don't wear makeup too often, still wash them at least once a month.


This bundle includes:
- One Double Cleaning Brush Mat
- One Brush Cleaner (150gr)

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Beauty Sponge Bundle includes 1 pink pack, 1 mint pack and 1 purple pack

Don't forget

If its brush cleaning day and you are needing a backup for a quick makeup routine, a beauty sponge could save the day.

Our beauty sponges are latex free, extra soft and have a flat side ideal for getting into those harder to reach areas. It doesn't hurt that it comes in 3 gorgeous colours, pink, mint and purple.

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