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  • Beauty Sponge - 2 Pack
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Beauty Sponge - 2 Pack

  • $30.00

What is better that a perfect beauty sponge? Yes! You are right! 2 beauty sponges!

So, we would like to introduce you our Beauty Sponge, the perfect addition to our Angel Falls Brush Set. 

The shape of this sponge is perfect for getting underneath the eyes to blend out concealer, bake it and to blend flawlessly your foundation, or any liquid or cream face product. When you feel how soft this sponge is you'll fall in love with it (trust us). 

Our sponge is latex free. 

How to use it:

  1. Wet your beauty sponge for every use, it will double in size. 
  2. Squeeze out the excess water.
  3. Bounce any cream or liquid product onto your face. It will create a flawless finish. 
  4. Please clean it! We are not saying after every single use but yes, clean it often. 


We are proud of being Cruelty Free


We are three sisters who are completely different from each other but we have in common that we love pretty things, believe that makeup should be fun and everyone should use it however they prefer and most importantly, we LOVE animals. And that is what Ela Cosmetics is based in, we want to improve your makeup game by creating the most beautiful and soft makeup tools to blend away your worries giving you that extra confidence you need to conquer the world.  


  • This is the best foundation brush I have ever used. It buffs foundation into the skin beautifully, no streaks or brush marks to be seen. I have two, they are super easy to keep clean and I've had zero shedding after washing. 100% would recommend
    - Hayley
  • These sponges are the softest I’ve ever used. They very quickly became my favourite. I’m not sure what sorcery is used to make these but they wash up clean every time and I’ve never had a problem with staining, which is unheard of! I would 100% recommend these and can’t wait until I’m due for a new set so I can grab the mint ones :)
    - Elyse
  • I love how these brushes feel in the hand. Nice long handle and a bit of weight in them, they feel great quality. The highlighting brush is absolutely perfect for blush too, blends product very well!
    - Monica
  • I'm loving them so far! So happy that they're cruelty free. The cup is great as a holder and I imagine will be a great travel buddy for my next trip. All of the brushes I've used have given me a great makeup day.
    - Alex




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