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The Mint Bundle | Ela Cosmetics

The Mint Bundle | Ela Cosmetics

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If you love everything minty fresh, this is the bundle for you. 


  • Cruelty Free
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The Eye See the Light Brush Set includes 12 super soft mint eye brushes, with a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for achieving any eye look your heart desires, while our Beauty Sponge is latex free and extra soft. The flat side of this sponge is perfect for getting underneath the eyes to blend out your concealer, and the rounded side is ideal for blending your foundation or any liquid or cream face product flawlessly.


E07 - Small Shader Brush: Short and densely packed brush. Perfect for packing shimmery shades on the eyelid or applying eyeshadows to the lower lash line.

E08 - Flat Definer Brush: Short and flat brush, ideal for adding definition on the lash line, cleaning up eyeliner and creating sharp lines.

E09 - Angled Brush: An essential brush for eyeliner looks or filling in brows.

E10 - Tapered Blending Brush: Big and fluffy blending brush. Great brush for one eyeshadow looks or achieving seamless eyeshadow transitions.

E11 - Precise Blending Brush: Tailored for precision, this brush blends eyeshadows precisely in targeted areas, allowing you to create intricate eye looks and defined transitions.

E12 - Mini Precise Blending Brush: Smaller blending brush, design for smaller areas or detailed eyeshadow looks.

E13 - Fluffy Crease Brush: Enhance your crease definition with this fluffy brush, designed for precise and soft blending, creating depth and dimension in the crease area.

E14 - Firm Shadow Brush: Perfect brush for packing eyeshadow or softly blend edges.

E15 - Fluffy Pencil Brush: This fluffy brush is perfect for smudging eyeshadows and creating a soft, diffused effect along the lash line or in the outer corners of the eyes.

E16 - Domed Buffer Brush: Densely packed and rounded brush, ideal for cream shadows or eye primers.

E17 - Liner Brush: Create precise and defined lines with this brush, perfect for applying gel or liquid eyeliner.

E18 - Shader Brush: This larger shader brush applies and blends eyeshadows for diffused looks.

Brush Pouch: Get creative with it; it's the perfect little bag to carry in your handbag with all of your necessities.

Beauty Sponge: Wet your beauty sponge for every use. It will double in size. Make sure to squeeze out the excess water.

Use the pointed and flat side to apply concealer or foundation to the harder to reach areas and the rounded side for the rest of the face.

Gently bounce the sponge and don't drag it to achieve a flawless finish.

Pro tip: If you use powder products, try bouncing your damp sponge after everything is applied to help blend any harsh lines and give a more natural and not cakey look.


This bundle includes:

- Our Eye See The Light Brush Set, which includes 12 eye brushes and a brush pouch.
E07 - Small Shader Brush
E08 - Flat Definer Brush
E09 - Angled Brush
E10 - Tapered Blending Brush
E11 - Precise Blending Brush
E12 - Mini Precise Blending Brush
E13 - Fluffy Crease Brush
E14 - Firm Shadow Brush
E15 - Fluffly Pencil Brush
E16 - Domed Buffer Brush
E17 - Liner Brush
E18 - Shader Brush
Brush Pouch

- One pair of our top rated Mint Beauty Sponge.

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brush cleaner and double cleaning mat

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The Squeaky Clean bundle includes everything you need to keep your brushes in top shape.

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Customer Reviews

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Jen D.
Great brushes

I bought mostly for the small blender and pencil brushes, which are fantastic, I wish I could buy 10 more of each of those. The other brushes are good too but I was lacking those shapes in my collection and these really filled in the gap.