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The Love Bundle

The Love Bundle

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The perfect bundle for all of your basic necessities. If you don't know where to start, this is the ideal starting point!


  • Cruelty Free
  • Limited Edition Brushes
  • Ships from VIC


Our Queen of Hearts Makeup Brush Set has five beautiful, fluffy and super sparkling brushes, enough for the everyday makeup routine, while our Beauty Sponge is latex free and extra soft. The flat side of this sponge is perfect for getting underneath the eyes to blend out your concealer, and the rounded side is ideal for blending your foundation or any liquid or cream face product flawlessly.


Q01 - Buffing Brush: This rounded and densely packed brush, works great with thicker liquids and creams. Achieving a flawless foundation application every time.

Q02 - Luxe Angled Brush: This is a bigger angled brush. The size and lightness of the bristles makes it a great multipurpose brush, Ideal for applying and blending bronzer and blush.

Q03 - Precise Powder Brush: This is a rounded and slightly tapered brush. Great for applying a light layer of powder all over or to add dimension with blush or bronzer.

Q04 - Blending Brush: A soft, rounded and fluffy brush, perfect for blending eyeshadows.

Q05 - Flat Brush: This is a flat, densely packed oval brush. Does an amazing job packing eyeshadows on the eyelid and adding eyeshadow on the lower lash line.

Beauty Sponge: Wet your beauty sponge for every use. It will double in size. Make sure to squeeze out the excess water.

Use the pointed and flat side to apply concealer or foundation to the harder to reach areas and the rounded side for the rest of the face.

Gently bounce the sponge and don't drag it to achieve a flawless finish.

Pro tip: If you use powder products, try bouncing your damp sponge after everything is applied to help blend any harsh lines and give a more natural and not cakey look.


This bundles includes:

- Our Queen of Hearts Makeup Brush Set which includes 5 brushes:
Q01 - Buffing Brush
Q02 - Luxe Angled Brush
Q03 - Precise Powder Brush
Q04 - Blending Brush
Q05 - Flat Brush

- One pair of our top rated Purple Beauty Sponge.

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brush cleaner and double cleaning mat

Don't forget

Quick PSA: Your makeup brushes are real magnets for makeup, dust, and those uninvited bacteria! Regular cleaning not only keeps them fresh but also ensures your makeup game stays on point.

The Squeaky Clean bundle includes everything you need to keep your brushes in top shape.

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