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Beauty Sponge - Double Pack

Beauty Sponge - Double Pack

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What is better than a perfect makeup sponge? Yes! You are right! 2 makeup sponges!

So, let us introduce you to our Beauty Sponge, the perfect tool to help you achieve a flawless complexion and one of our Best Selling + Top Rated products.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Latex Free Sponge
  • Ships from VIC


The flat side of this sponge is perfect for getting underneath the eyes to blend out your concealer, and the rounded side is ideal for blending your foundation or any liquid or cream face product flawlessly.

Our sponges are so soft that some people have described them as tiny clouds... we have to agree.


Wet your beauty sponge for every use. It will double in size. Make sure to squeeze out the excess water.

Use the pointed and flat side to apply concealer or foundation to the harder to reach areas and the rounded side for the rest of the face.

Gently bounce the sponge and don't drag it to achieve a flawless finish.

Pro tip: If you use powder products, try bouncing your damp sponge after everything is applied to help blend any harsh lines and give a more natural and not cakey look.


This pack of sponges includes:

Two beauty sponges

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Close up of five baby blue brushes

Don't forget

If creams and liquids are a big part of your routine, the Perfect Blend Makeup Brush Set might be a must have for your collection. Includes 5 face brushes designed to work with any creams or liquids; foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush and highlight.

Everything for a full face of non cakey and natural looking makeup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Sera Pinkle
The ABSOLUTE softest sponge on the market

Ive tried regular sponges (beauty blenders), microfibre sponges, juno & co sponges, cheap ones from shein or yesstyle - and NOTHING compares to Ela. These are like a cloud that applies my makeup.

Ela ruined me for all other sponges

I was gifted a duo of pink ELA sponges a couple of years ago. I left them in the box for a couple of months - after all, I thought, a sponge is a sponge, is a sponge. When I finally got around to using them, I was really pleasantly surprised at how wonderful they really are! They are *so* soft, and apply my base makeup beautifully - damp or dry. So it’s now been a couple of years, and my gifted sponges have finally started to fall apart. Time to buy a new sponge! I thought. I’d heard positive feedback about the new Juno microfibre sponges, so I picked one up. BAD MISTAKE! This was nothing like my beautiful cloud soft Ela sponge. The Juno one was like a rubber ball! My makeup looks patchy and I hate using it. So I learned my lesson - back to my one true love - Ela Sponges. This time, I’m going for purple 💜

Kimberley Cole
The best sponge I’ve used

This sponge is amazing, the quality is great and they are super soft. Customer service is top notch and extremely friendly. I highly recommend buying these sponges and other products from them.

Hannah B
Only sponge I use!

Honestly this sponge is life changing. Flawless finish every time. Can’t go wrong!

Carolyn Lindenmayer
Mint Beauty Sponge - the best

These sponges are so soft and really great value compared to some other beauty sponges. Very happy with this purchase.