• Luxe Stippler Brush

C02 - Luxe Stippler Brush | Ela Cosmetics

  • $22.00

Our Luxe Stippler brush is like a Swiss knife; it has more uses than you can imagine👑. 

To start, you can use it to apply a sheer foundation layer evenly or any cream product to achieve a smooth look. Or you can also use it with powder products. We love to use it to blend our bronzer; you'll get an instant bronzed goddess look. You can also use it at the end of your makeup routine to ensure that there are no harsh lines and everything is perfectly blended and natural-looking. 

Pro tip: It works great with super pigmented products. Do you have a blush that you are too scared to use because it always ends up looking like too much? Well, not with this brush 😉

We are proud of being Cruelty-Free.