Queen of Hearts Brush Set | Ela Cosmetics

  • $65.00

Just when you thought that brushes couldn't possibly be any prettier, this set arrived! 

Our Queen of Hearts set has five beautiful, fluffy and super sparkling brushes, enough to get you through your makeup routine as the queen that you are. You could say that it's the ultimate travel set!


  • Q01 - Buffing Brush: Great for blending your foundation.
  • Q02 - Luxe Angled Brush: Ideal for applying and blending bronzer and blush. 
  • Q03 - Precise Powder Brush: Perfect for setting your foundation in place.
  • Q04 - Blending Brush: Soft and fluffy to blend any eyeshadow.
  • Q05 - Flat Brush: Dense and flat to pack a shimmer all over the lid. 



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