Angel Falls Brush Set - 16 piece brush set

How to use your makeup brushes properly? - [Angel Falls Brush Set] 💖

Wanting to get the most of your makeup brushes but not sure which brush to use for which product? No worries, the first thing to know is that there are no wrong answers! This is just makeup, ok? And you are free to try and play around until you find your go-tos.  
But here is a little idea of what you can achieve with our 16 piece makeup brush set. We designed the Angel Falls Brush Set with the idea of having a set full of go-to brushes for a full glam routine.✨
I'm going to go in the order I do my makeup (when I'm going all out, nobody has time for all of this every day) to make sure I don't forget any steps:
C01 - Round Foundation Brush: This is a super dense brush yet has enough 'room to breathe' to allow for buffing your products flawlessly. I love it for cream and liquid foundations; if you want to get the most coverage possible, try tapping the product into the skin without moving it around too much. If, on the other hand, you want a more natural look, blend your foundation using round motions. Whichever way you choose, please remember to blend it down your neck!
C01 - Round Foundation Brush
E06 - All Over Shadow Brush: I enjoy this brush for blending concealer under my eyes. I only use a dot of concealer right in the inner corner so, a brush like this one is the perfect size for me. When blending concealer, always remember to tap it in and not rub. If you rub it in, you'll lose all coverage and even move the foundation underneath. We don't want that. 
E06 - All Over Shadow Brush
At this stage, I usually go with a cream or liquid bronzer. I rotate between using the C01 - Round Foundation Brush (this is one advantage of having multiples of your favourite brushes) or a Beauty Sponge
For setting underneath my eyes, I always go with my C08 - Tapered Setting Powder Brush. It has more of a pointy shape which is perfect for getting in that area. When setting your concealer, make sure to be as gentle as possible. Remember that the concealer and foundation underneath have a wet consistency, and you don't want to move it or blend it, just lightly set it in place. 
C08 - Tapered Setting Powder Brush
The next step for me is always to use powder all over. I have incredibly oily skin, and I need the powder. I need to know that everything is secure in its place, but at the same time, I have texture (which is entirely normal), and if I go too crazy with the powder, then I look... cakey, to say the least. So, the perfect brush to achieve just the right amount of powder is the C03 - Luxe Powder Brush. It is H U G E, and I love it. It will apply a light layer of powder all over; if you want powder only in specific areas, I would recommend sticking with the C08 - Tapered Setting Powder Brush. If you are super fair and constantly struggling to find a bronzer that doesn't look too dark on you, this brush will be your new BFF. It will diffuse the tone to achieve a lovely natural tan. 
C03 - Luxe Powder Brush
 After powder, I add more bronzer, this time a powder bronzer. And my go-to is the C04 - Tapered Bronzer Brush. It is big enough to apply it quickly and evenly but still allowing you to control where it is going. If you haven't noticed, I am a big fan of big, fluffy brushes. 
C04 - Tapered Bronzer Brush
I like applying my highlight before my blush; I think it looks more natural when blended together, and although I love ice cream, I don't really enjoy the look of Neapolitan ice cream on my cheeks. So, the C07 - Tapered Highlight Brush is the perfect size to apply the highlight exactly where you want it while blending it, so it doesn't look like a stripe of light on your face.  
C07 - Tapered Highlight Brush
Now for blush, this is my favourite part. Don't be afraid of blush; it makes you look more youthful and healthy ☺️ , and if you go crazy with it, you can always blend it out. For this step, I love the C05 - Tapered Blush Brush. It is a tapered brush, fluffy enough to make sure you'll be able to get as diffused or intense looking blush as you like it, yet precise to make sure it doesn't go literally all over your face. 
C05 - Tapered Blush Brush
To be honest, I haven't contoured in a while, but when I do, it is always with the C06 - Angled Contour Brush. It has the perfect angle to hug your cheeks and give them the ideal natural 'shadow' to create that more defined and chiselled look. My sister loves it to apply blush, which shows that you are free to find the perfect use for each brush.  
C06 - Angled Contour Brush
Now, the last extra touch for the face; with the C02 - Luxe Stippler Brush grab a bit of a finishing powder (something like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder), and I know what you are thinking "you just said that you have extremely oily skin" yes! I know! But I still like to glow, ok? Just grab a bit of the powder and buff everything together. Voila! Everything looks more seamless and blended. You are welcome 💁🏻‍♀️
C02 - Luxe Stippler Brush
Now that the face is done, it is time to go for the eyes! 

I usually just use a bit of the concealer on my eyelids as a base, and with the E06 - All Over Shadow Brush, set that in place with a skin-coloured eyeshadow or face powder, whatever you have in hand. If you are going for a bright look, you might want to try not setting your eyeshadow base to make sure the colours really pop. 

Now, my favourite eye brush ever, the E02 - Eyeshadow Blending Brush, I take a bit of a transition shade (think your skin tone but a bit deeper), and I blend that all over my crease and up. I start with windshield wiper motions, and after I place the shade where I want it, I start blending with small circular motions. You can deepen the transition shade as much or as little as you like. 
E02 - Eyeshadow Blending Brush
With my E05 - Crease Brush, I take a deeper shade and place it on my outer V. Going back and forward between the E05 and E02 to make sure there are no harsh lines and the tone is as deep as I want it. 
E05 - Crease Brush
It is time to shine! One of my favourite steps in any makeup look is adding sparkles! ✨ After grabbing the shiniest eyeshadow, I can find, I take the E07 - Small Shader Brush and place it all over my eyelid (without taking it too high). I always go back and blend again with the E05 or E02 (depends on the day 😅). 
E07 - Small Shader Brush
I love the E03 - Pencil Brush to take the eyeshadow underneath my eyes. It is precise to place the eyeshadow as close to the lash line as you want yet soft enough to not hurt the area. I always felt that every pencil brush was there just to attack my eye, so I made sure this one was soft and gentle. 
E03 - Pencil Brush
The E04 - Detail Brush is tiny and perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. I like using the same highlight that I used on my cheeks for a cohesive look. 
E04 - Detail Brush
Now with the E01 - Angled Brow Brush, I fill in my eyebrows using a bit of eyeshadow slightly lighter than my natural colour. I always start filling out the tail of my eyebrow (the area that needs more filling), and when I don't have too much product left on the brush, I fill in the start. Remember to use the spoolie to blend it out, so they look (can I dare say it?) more natural. 
E01 - Angled Brow Brush
Add your favourite lip product (gloss ✨✨) and ta-da! You are all glammed up!

Our Angel Falls Brush Set also comes with a Brush Cup so you can keep your brushes on top of your makeup area ready to go!. These brushes are also available as individuals, so you can grab just the brushes you think you'll use the most ☺️ Have you tried our brush set? Share your favourites and how you use them in the comments 👇
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