5 Minute Makeup Routine - Ft. our Queen of Hearts Brush Set

We know it's not realistic to have a 20 step makeup routine for every day, sometimes you don't want to spend or have 30 minutes to do your makeup and need to get it done as quickly as possible; that was the idea behind our Queen of Hearts brush set. Five brushes designed for a quick and simple makeup routine that will leave you flawless and confident. A bonus is that the brushes are gorgeous and super sparkling ✨

The important thing is to adapt the makeup routine to your wants and needs and not using every product available just for the sake of using it. First step will always be to do your skincare routine, then use (or not) a primer to help the longevity and finish of your makeup. 

Queen of Hearts Brush Set

Q01 - Buffing Brush to buff in the concealer. If you want a bit more coverage use the same brush to blend in your foundation. Don't forget the neck! 

For setting in your makeup, use your loose powder with our Q03 - Precise Powder Brush. It's super soft and fluffy so, it will apply just the perfect amount. Remember to use gentle tapping motions to not move around your foundation or concealer. 

It's time to add some colour and dimension back to your face, and we love our Q02 - Luxe Angled Brush for bronzer and blush, you don't have to use both (but we can't really pick a favourite). The brush is big and fluffy which will make blending your coloured powder super quick and seamlessly. 

Queen of Hearts Brush Set

If you want to do something really quick to the eyes but still looking like you made more of an effort than you actually did, grab our Q04 - Blending Brush and blend some bronzer on your crease and with the Q05 - Flat Brush grab any sparkly eyeshadow or just a highlighter and pat it in to your eyelid and voila! You are done and it didn't take even 5 minutes. 

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