• Makeup Brush Kit - 12 piece eye brush kit - eye See the Light
  • Makeup Brush Kit - 12 piece eye brush kit - eye See the Light

Eye See The Light Brush Set | Ela Cosmetics

  • $85.00

Nothing is more fun -or therapeutic- than playing around with shinny colours to create pretty eye looks and let free your inner artist. 

The Eye See the Light Brush Set 💚💙 comes to help you do just that, it has 12 super soft mint eye brushes, with a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for achieving any eye look your heart desires:

Includes 12 eye brushes + brush pouch

  • E07 - Small Shader Brush
  • E08 - Flat Definer Brush
  • E09 - Angled Brush
  • E10 - Tapered Blending Brush
  • E11 - Precise Blending Brush
  • E12 - Mini Precise Blending Brush
  • E13 - Fluffy Crease Brush
  • E14 - Firm Shadow Brush
  • E15 - Fluffly Pencil Brush
  • E16 - Domed Buffer Brush
  • E17 - Liner Brush
  • E18 - Shader Brush
  • Brush Pouch - Get creative with it; it's the perfect little bag to carry in your handbag with all of your necessities. 


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Customer Reviews

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Great brushes

This is a really good set of brushes and I use them all the time.

I would really love it if there were smaller brushes in the future.

Great starter kit

This is a wonderful set of eye brushes that contains every brush you would need for any eyeshadow look. As a freelance makeup artist, I loved that it includes 3 tapered blending brushes in varying sizes and 3 packing/shading brushes of varying density. The overall quality was great, I was impressed by the beautiful finish of the handles and ferrules.

However, I was disappointed that the smaller detail brushes (E08 flat definer, E09 angled brush and E17 liner brush) were very scratchy and not as soft as the other brushes in the set. I've found other uses for these brushes. The angled brush can be used for the eyebrows, the flat definer for cleaning up the eyebrows with concealer and the liner brush can be used for spot concealing. But apart from that, they are too scratchy to use anywhere on the eyelid!

The angled brush in the Angel Falls collection seems to be world's apart from the angled brush in this eye set - it's super soft even though it is designed to be a brow brush.

That being said, I think this would be a great eye brush set for any makeup novice or makeup artist building their pro kit.

Customer Reviews

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