Washing your Brushes 💕

We all want to pick up clean brushes every time we are going to do our makeup,  but oh oh the brush cleaning fairy missed our house… again. Yes, it is extremely annoying having to clean our brushes, but we just have to suck it up.


So, today we are going to go over all our tips to give your brushes the perfect ‘spa day’, starting with how often you need to wash them. That is going to depend on how often you do your makeup. If you do your full face 5 times a week, we would recommend washing them once a week or every 2 weeks at least, especially if you use creams and liquids as they build up a lot faster on the brushes which makes washing them a bit harder, so you don’t want to wait too long to clean them.

Even if you don’t do your makeup too often you still need to wash them at least once a month, they are still exposed to dust and bacteria in the air. So, yes, it is time to wash them. But what is the best way?

We obviously love our Double Cleaning Mat and our Brush Cleaner, and they are the perfect combo to make sure your brushes are going to be as good as new for as long as possible. The Double Cleaning Mat has the sponge side, which is perfect for spot cleaning your brushes. Are you going for a natural soft eye but last time you did a dramatic black smokey? You just need to swirl your brush around the sponge to take all the pigment out and make sure you are not going to mess up your makeup look today.

Now, to deep clean your brushes you need an effective yet soft soap (like our Brush Cleaner,  which works even better with the help of our Double Cleaning Mat 😉) and should follow the next steps:

 1- Wet your brushes with warm water (not super-hot, just warm) making sure to keep the brush upside down to make sure the water doesn’t get into the ferrule*. This is the position that you want to keep your brushes in during the whole process, water in the ferrule means that it can loosen the glue making the bristles fall out.

 2- Swirl the wet brush on the soap until the brush is completely lathered. For brushes with a lot of build-up, just let them rest for a couple of minutes.

 3- Grab the brush and swirl it around the textured side of the Double Cleaning Mat, that is going to help to loose up all the built-up makeup.

 4- Rinse out with warm water until you feel that it doesn’t have any residue. You might want to repeat the process until they are squeaky clean.

 5- Lay them down to dry, like in the picture below, for 1 or 2 days until completely dry.

 TADAAAAAA your brushes are clean and ready for your next week of creations. ;)


Do you have any tips or questions? Leave them on the comment section!


*The ferrule is what holds the bristles together


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