If you are starting your journey in makeup, or if you are an experienced makeup junkie, there are some things you need to know about choosing and using your makeup brushes.

1. Names and uses are just suggestions: Brands design makeup brushes with a specific purpose in mind but that doesn't mean that you need to follow it.

Makeup brushes are just tools to help you create whatever look you have in mind, from something natural and classic to something colourful and full of glitter. You are the boss! So, experiment with them... try to use that fluffy highlighter brush to create a soft wash of colour to your eyelid or that big setting powder brush for a super blended bronzed goddess look. 
You don't have to follow any rules, makeup is meant to be fun and you can always wash it off so, enjoy and have fun with it.

2. You NEED to clean them. Makeup brushes are constantly touching your face, meaning that they can accumulate oil, bacteria and dead skin cells which can clog your pores or make you break out. Depending on how often you use them, you are going to need to deep clean them, we are not saying everyday but not once a year either. 

We recommend once every two weeks if you use them fairly regularly, brushes that you use with creams and liquids might need to be washed more often to make sure they keep blending the products seamlessly leaving no streaks. Use a gentle soap or a brush cleanser and make sure you lay them flat drying on a dry towel, you don't want water getting into the ferrule. 


3- Not all brushes are created equally. Don't think that all cheap brushes are bad quality or that expensive means good, you can find high quality brushes in any price range so, take your time to chose wisely because they should last years with you. 

4- Fluffy vs Dense. Basically, fluffy brushes are going to apply a sheer layer of product and help blend it out at the same time while densely packed brushes are perfect if you are looking to build up coverage. 

- Want a flawless complexion? Use a dense foundation brush to keep the coverage.

- Want a soft and natural look? Use a fluffier foundation brush and buff the foundation for that 'my skin but better' look. 

5- Synthetic vs Natural. We are animal lovers, so we always choose synthetic bristles but why synthetic brushes are better than natural bristle ones?

Well, first of all animal hair brushes can dry out over time, making them scratchy and unpleasant to use while synthetic brushes are super soft -specially ours, have you felt them yet? 😉.

Natural hair brushes are great for powders but they are easily stained and can soak up creams and liquids while synthetics are great with any kind of makeup product. 

Most importantly, you get all the quality without harming any animals on the way. 



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