Living in Isolation

So, we are all living something that no one has experienced before, we have no idea what to do or how to do it and that is ok. Even though we are in this together, we all have different coping mechanisms and that is ok too. You want to exercise? Learn a new language? Start that project you’ve being saying for years that you are going to do? Try a new recipe each day? That is fantastic! Go for it, use this time to find new hobbies, create new things, be productive. Or, do you want to stay in bed? Watch *inset favourite movie here* on repeat, sleep and just try to survive this isolation thing? That is fantastic too! Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not doing enough or that you shouldn’t be feeling the way you feel. E V E R Y O N E is different, so be and let be.


This year has been a roller coaster and it feels like we want to get off, but we thought it might be a good idea to share some of the things we have been doing to feel more ‘normal’:

  • Every single article has recommended getting ready as you were going to go out, we love that tip but, in all honesty… our brushes have never been so clean, and we haven’t worn anything other than pjs since this whole thing started. So, you might want to give it a try but so far this hasn’t applied to us.
  • Makeup hasn't been part of our routine (there is a first time for everything), so we took advantage of the opportunity and swapped it for face masks, we are finally going through our collection. We always have thought of skincare as ‘me time’ and we enjoy doing it, but we’re not going to lie, there has been a couple of days were this has been completely forgotten.
  • Be kind to yourself! In the first couple of days we made HUGE lists of everything we needed to get done, as well as a strict schedule to follow each day. We quickly realised that it wasn’t going to happen. So, don’t demand too much of yourself, you might have days where you feel more productive and others where you don’t want to do anything, listen to your body.
  • In our productive days, we have made ourselves busy with little projects around the house, everything is now super clean and organised. Monica would be proud! Our makeup collection has been decluttered (it counts if we only got rid of 2 things, right?), and our pantry is in order and ready for baking sessions, which are going to happen any day now.
  • We are not sure if you noticed or not, but Ela has been extremely quiet this 2020, so this time has been the perfect opportunity to get back on track with our plans and projects. We’re sure that you have something that you would love to spend more time on but never had the chance… until now! If you are feeling like doing something, give it a go, you might be surprised with how easily your mind can focus into the task ahead and how quickly time goes by when you are concentrated in something.
  • Now, not every day is full of stuff to do or the energy to do anything. We have watched marathons of Harry Potter at least twice every week and had cookies for breakfast more times than what we’re willing to admit. Apparently, watching your favourite movie can help with anxiety, something about knowing what is going to happen relaxes a bit your mind and trust us, there is no scene in any HP that we don’t know by heart. And having cookies, well we think we all know how great cookies are.
  • We try to call our family every day, we are all doing isolation in our homes but that doesn't mean that we have to go without talking to each other (thank God for Internet!). So, call someone everyday, it could be for a quick catch up or just to show them how well organised your pantry is. 


These things have helped us in different ways to stay sane, we love when we feel like we took advantage of the day and did 1000 things but we’re also trying to not feel guilty when the day has come and gone and we didn’t even left the couch. In conclusion, be kind to yourself, try your best but don’t feel guilty for not doing “enough”, right now surviving at home IS enough.


 Please feel free of sharing with us what things have you been doing to keep yourself feeling ok. :) 


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